Cum să călătorești cu un câine într-o mașină

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Traveling with a dog in the car can be quite a challenge for some. Not all dogs sit quietly and calmly. Some of our four-legged friends get car sick. Some are nervous and try to hide or climb onto the driver’s lap. And some are overly excited in the car, making themselves a nuisance and a terrible distraction to the driver. If any of these situations reminds you of your furry best friend, here are three approaches you can take to help make dog car travel easier: dog training, natural remedies, and/or dog travel supplies such as a canine car harness.

Dog Training

This first approach of making dog car travel easier is the most difficult and time consuming, but it offers the best long-term results. Commit yourself to taking your pet for a ride in the car at least once a day. Make it a short trip, as short as just around the block if you’d like. Do it more than once a day if you can. How does this approach help? It desensitizes your pet to the car ride as follows:

A. A pet that tends to get car sick gets used to the movements of the car.
B. A pet that gets nervous learns there is nothing to be frightened of.
C. A pet that gets excitable in the car soon comes to understand that it is just another car ride.

For dogs that get nervous, take short car rides to somewhere fun. Go to the pet store to buy a toy or go to the park. Associate dog car travel with something fun. Your best friend not only learns the car is nothing to be scared of, but also that car rides can be enjoyable. Do the opposite for excitable dogs. Make their trip boring. Drive around the block or drive past the park, but don’t stop.

Natural Remedies

Ask your veterinarian about a medication or natural remedy that your pet can use. Depending on the severity of your pet’s behavior in the car, the vet can prescribe a medication or advise you if certain natural remedies can be used. One such natural remedy is a topical spray with lavender in it. Lavender is a plant made into aromatherapy oil and is often used to help people relax. It can work on dogs too. Some topical sprays or medications can help with car sickness as well.

If you’re wary about using such things (perhaps your dog has allergies), consider some wearable dog travel supplies. It is believed that certain types of pet clothing wraps have a calming effect similar wrapping a baby in swaddling. Natural remedies may not always work so use them in conjunction with dog training.

Dog Travel Supplies

Other dog travel supplies besides dog clothing wraps are available to help for traveling with a dog in the car. A canine car harness, for example, can not only help secure your pet for his safety, but also keep your crazy or nervous canine from distracting the driver. A canine car harness is not the only option. Consider putting him in a pet crate, then securing the pet crate in the car. Also consider a dog car barrier that helps to keep your pet in the back seat. As with natural remedies, for best results use dog travel supplies in conjunction with dog training.

Using a canine car harness, dog car barrier, or natural calming remedies can be a great solution for those traveling with their furry friend in the car. But remember, those methods may only work for as long as you use them. Proper dog training, on the other hand, can last your pet’s lifetime.


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